Software Platforms




ALPR Commercial Security Software

CLARITY TM is the nation’s first and only nationally hosted commercial ALPR back office and data sharing initiative that contributes data real time to law enforcement. Cintel developed CLARITY TM as a Community policing tool to complement other video security surveillance technologies and to provide instant alerting to law enforcement.

  • Provides for ALPR data capture, white-lists, hotlists, data sharing and alerting to local law enforcement.

  • Offers analytics reporting to provide businesses with key performance metrics.

  • Contributes data to Dedicated fully CJIS Compliant Law enforcement only datastore for onward sharing to other LPR Platforms

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Surveillance Operations / Critical Incident Command Software

AcuityTM is a web based searchable, fusion technology software platform that was designed by and for investigative teams conducting surveillance operations or running critical incident command operations. AcuityTM is a single common operating system that provides communications, live sensor feed access, collected information, interactive mapping, Command and Control, reporting, and situational awareness.  It gives all team members in an operation the ability to not only view the system, but to work interactively and communicate through the platform. It was developed for joint agency task force investigations and their teams.

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