Market Solutions

Cintel doesn’t just build products, we deliver solutions. 

We offer a variety of ALPR surveillance and security solutions for the following markets.

Law enforcement

Cintel is a leading provider of purpose-built ALPR surveillance solutions for law enforcement agencies for investigative and interdiction activities. We offer mobile and fixed ALPR surveillance solutions that are proven to be reliable, effective, and easy to use. 

We have now launched our in house range of ALPR software (CLARITYTM) for law enforcement.

property management

Cintel offers CLARITY TM a commercial ALPR solution to help property managers to manage parking and traffic flows, and to automatically alert property managers and local law enforcement of hotlisted vehicles. CLARITYTM also provides analytics and custom reports for better understanding traffic patterns and customer behaviors. The Cintel commercial ALPR solution is designed to promote community policing and increase the security of their communities, patrons, and residents.


Cintel offers custom fixed and mobile ALPR surveillance products to provide real time situational awareness of vehicles traveling through school grounds and campuses. Whether the threat be known sexual predators, or “hotlisted” vehicles not allowed on campus property, our ALPR solutions can be applied where needed to provide campus security and student safety from external threats.


Cintel offers ALPR security and parking solutions to provide data sharing, instant alerting, and real time situational awareness to airport authority personnel. Whether capturing license plates of vehicles around secured airport operating areas, providing automated mobile inventory of parked vehicles in parking structures, or alerting airport law enforcement of hotlisted vehicles in the terminal areas, Cintel can provide a custom ALPR solution for your airport. 


Healthcare Facilities

Cintel offers ALPR healthcare facilities and campus security solutions. The Company can provide a common operating platform for multiple sites or locations. Whether for capturing vehicle license plates of emergency room parking scofflaws or for alerting to public safety and law enforcement, Cintel can offer custom ALPR solutions for your hospital, or healthcare facilities.

Intelligent Traffic Solutions

Cintel has developed and deployed innovative ALPR solutions for ITS applications to address the growing need for automated traffic infraction and enforcement. Whether its bus lane infractions, school bus stop arm enforcement, passenger vehicle moving violations, or traffic flow analysis, we can develop custom solutions to fit your specific needs. 

Critical Infrastructure / Mass Transit

Cintel offers state-of-the-art fixed and mobile ALPR solutions for airports, transit hubs, and ports. The Company has worked with some of the nation’s largest authorities to deliver custom ALPR solutions from automated mobile inventory parking solutions, to perimeter security, terminal security, and critical asset  surveillance solutions.


Parking / Special Event Venues

Cintel offers CLARITY,  solution to provide parking operators, and other special event venues such as stadiums, convention centers, and community parks with real time security solutions that provides instant alerting of hotlisted vehicles to event management or to local law enforcement to promote community policing and to increase the security of their communities, patrons, and guests. 

Government & Military

Cintel manufactures fixed and mobile ALPR main gate and perimeter security solutions for secured facilities and government installations. Whether for critical asset protection, access control, or collaboration with law enforcement, our  solutions are a security force multiplier. 

Because we can capture and read plates from numerous countries, our ALPR solutions are ideal for CONUS and OCONUS security operations around the globe.