Intelligent Solutions for Surveillance and Security


Cintel is a premier technology provider of convergent surveillance and license plate recognition solutions. Our Company manufactures a broad range of custom ALPR security and surveillance solutions to fit a variety of demanding applications for our customers. We offer commercial and public safety surveillance solutions to promote community policing and to help make communities safe. 



Cintel manufactures a broad range of ALPR security and surveillance solutions to fit a variety of demanding applications for our customers. From ALPR cameras, and wireless network systems, to our surveillance software platform, we provide a full suite of products to meet our customer needs. We serve markets ranging from public safety, to critical infrastructure, to secured cities, to retail & parking enforcement, to school campuses and residential communities.




Cintel manufactures a full suite of rapidly deployable fixed and mobile ALPR cameras and surveillance products for our customers. From vehicle mobility kits, to radar and variable message sign board trailers, to fixed pole mounted cameras, we offer a full line of overt and covert ALPR products for any application. Cintel also offers secure, hosted SaaS applications with analytics for our public safety, commercial security license plate recognition, and surveillance products. 

  MAIN EVENT Surveillance TM


Security event professionals have long been aware of ever-present threats posed at special event gatherings. Traditional security guard methods offer limited capacity to identify and react to such threats. CINTEL’s Main Event Surveillanceâ„¢ is a transformational service that leverages proven surveillance technologies, enabling operators to proactively monitor, alert, and rapidly respond to any and all potential threats. 



We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our customers and in providing a pleasing customer experience by being responsive whether through expedited parts replenishment, stocking spare parts inventory, or by offering on-site, and recurrent user training. We recognize the value of being easy to do business with, and customer satisfaction is our company goal. 

Key Benefits of Cintel Solutions 
  • Safe. Secure. Simple.

  • Affordable

  • Ease of Installation and Operation

  • Flexible and Modular Approach

  • Reliable and Scalable

  • Leading Edge Product Innovation

CINTEL prides itself on helping  customers achieve their safety, security and business goals by finding smarter ways to deliver value-added solutions. We utilize state of the art technologies to develop industry leading, license plate recognition product solutions. Whatever your public safety or commercial security needs, Cintel has an answer.